'It is my prayer that
The Seven Wonders project
will reveal the majesty of the cross to you!'

When Holland’s bestselling author Wilkin van de Kamp wrote his first bestseller, The Seven Wonders of the Cross, no one wanted to publish it at first. Now he is a fulltime writer and speaker at national and international conferences (18 annual conferences in Holland and seven abroad), and his books have been translated into several languages.

Wilkin has also initiated the successful publishing house Crosslight Media, a Bible school and training school, and many TV programmes.

God has called him to help the church make the majesty of the cross it’s central theme: From the cross, through the church, to the world. His first bestseller has grown into a multimedia project, about the seven times that Jesus shed His blood on His way to His death.

Through his books,
 the TV programmes recorded
in Jerusalem (4K), the amazing animations, the inspiring conferences and the supporting website, Wilkin wants to reveal to the world 
the majesty of the cross: a symbol of exceeding love and courage that had never been seen before and will never be seen again.