Identity in Christ

Discover the secret of who you are
when you are one with Christ.

Why is it so important for Christians to understand and embrace the precious truth about our being one with Christ? Wilkin will show us that the moment we came to Christ as broken sinners, He exchanged our sinful nature for His righteousness. We cannot remain as we were and enter into the presence of a holy God. We must “die” to self and be “hidden” in the righteousness of Christ. Because we are one with Christ, God sees Christ's purity, holiness, righteousness and perfection covering us. That is the secret of who we are in Christ! This means that we do not need to do our best to become pure, holy, righteous and perfect. Because we are one with Christ, God approved and adopted us as His beloved children. Knowing who we are in Christ gives us the life-changing assurance that God is our Father and He calls us his beloved children. That changes everything!


“During the conference we were overwhelmed by the way in which Wilkin showed us who we are in Christ from the Bible. We had never heard it explained that way before. Many times we were moved to tears. Now we know that God’s love also reaches out for us.”

Response of a participant


Conference 1: Who we are in Christ

- How does God see us when we are one with Christ?
- In Christ, God cannot take His eyes off of us
- In Christ, we are partakers of the divine nature
- In Christ, we are the source of God's joy
- In Christ, we are no longer a slave to sin
- In Christ, we are free from all condemnation
- In Christ, we are free from legalism
- In Christ, we receive a part of His anointing
- In Christ, we are more than a conqueror
- In Christ, the enemy cannot touch us

Conference 2: Live in Love

- From a life with Christ to a life in Christ
- A permanent residence in a life of love
- Discovering the face of love
- The smile of God´s approval
- God is not mad at us
- God is not disappointed in us
- We will find favor in God's eyes
- We are the apple of His eye
- Fashion to reign
- God sees us in the light of eternity


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How to invite Wilkin
You can invite Wilkin to do a conference in your city. The conferences are always interdenominational and have a minimum of three to a maximum of seven meetings.