The Seven Wonders Conference

The seven times that Jesus’ blood
was shed were planned and initiated by God

The Seven Wonders Conference is more than a conference, it is a life-changing experience! In several multimedia sessions, Wilkin van de Kamp takes us back to the last 18 hours of Jesus’ earthly life: the greatest demonstration of the love of God for man. The last 18 hours form a majestic Easter saga in which we see a sovereign Jesus who reveals Himself as both the Lamb of God and the High Priest. God the Father was in complete control and prepared Jesus meticulously for every detail in the last 18 hours of His life.

The seven times that Jesus’ blood was shed were a prophetic move, predicted hundreds of years earlier, planned and initiated by God.

In The Seven Wonders Conference, Wilkin wants to show us that the seven wonders of the cross represent seven miraculous gifts from the Father to us: forgiveness, salvation, cleansing, healing, deliverance, reconciliation, and being born again.

The seven wonders conference - Wilkin

Responses of participants

‘Never before have I received such a revelation of what Jesus has done for us. The Seven Wonders Conference approaches the suffering of Jesus in a completely new way. I have never heard it put like that before. I received it as God’s gift for me!’

'I don’t have the words to express what happened. God wasn’t close to us; He was in our midst! I experienced such power of the Holy Spirit! God has touched my heart deeply and I am changed by His supernatural love!'

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You can invite Wilkin to do a conference in your city. The conferences are always interdenominational and have a minimum of three to a maximum of seven meetings.