The Seven Wonders Animations

In seven animations, Wilkin has summarized The Seven Wonders of the Cross, impressively designed by Dutch artist Glenn van der Mull. Wilkin: ‘I am intensely grateful for the cooperation with Glenn van der Mull. He has captured The Seven Wonders of the Cross in more than fifty breathtaking illustrations, which form the basis for The Seven Wonders Animations. He made a very conscious choice to not use professional photo models.

Part 1 
Jesus knew in Gethsemane, that if He drank the cup – filled with our sins – in our place, then He would be made sin with our sin. With every sip He tasted our hatred, fear, panic, lust, sin and death. Jesus did this to save us. The most beautiful gift we can give Him is the cup of our life, filled with our sins. Then Jesus' death will not have been in vain.

Part 2
The soldiers came to capture Jesus. Jesus was abused until He bled, in the home of the High Priest Annas. Jesus was innocent, yet allowed Himself to be falsely accused and abused in our place, without trying to defend Himself. The devil, who accuses us, must remain silent for eternity based on the blood of Jesus and our testimony.

Part 3
Jesus was interrogated twice during the last eighteen hours. Jesus was not only ridiculed, spat on and hit during the abuse, but they also ripped the hair of His beard out of His cheeks. The blood of Jesus fell to earth for a third time. For it is not only the evil one that accuses us. Our own conscience accuses us, causing us to feel guilty. The Bible promises that the blood of Jesus will also cleanse our conscience.

Part 4
Jesus was handed over to the Roman ruler Pilate. He was interrogated three times by him. Each time Pilate had to conclude: “I find no guilt in this man!”. Yet Pilate had Jesus whipped. Jesus took every destructive disease upon Himself with every lash of the whip. Our supernatural healing lies in His inhumane mutilation.

Part 5
After Jesus was whipped, the soldiers draped a red cape over Jesus' shoulders. They braided a crown of thorns and roughly pushed this onto His head. The razor-sharp thorns penetrated deeply into His skin, causing Jesus to bleed a fifth time. The “crowning” of Jesus was a prophetic act, through which God wants to show us that Jesus came to be crowned with the crown of thorns (the curse) of our life.

Part 6
Jesus died on the cross that was meant for Barabbas. His name means “son of the father”. By dying on the cross, Jesus took the place of all convicted sons and daughters of the Father. Jesus bore the punishment that we all deserve. Through the wonder of the cross we are reconciled with God the Father.

Part 7
For six long hours Jesus hung on the cross. His last words were: “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit. It is finished!” A Roman soldier pierced Jesus' side with a spear to see if He had already died. At that moment, water and blood came out of the wound, just as when a birth takes place. Through the wonder of the cross we can be born again and “in Christ” we are approved and accepted by God as His beloved child.